Battala Ramaswamy Biopikku

Release Year - 2021

Genres - Comedy

IMDB Rating - 6.2

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Movie Description

Ramaswamy (Altaf Hasan) is kind and a true gentleman with two ambitions one is to have only a single wife just like Lord Rama and the second is to set up a saree business. Ramaswamy marries the love of his life Jayapradha (Shanthi Rao) who sells pearl jewellery. She helps Ramaswamy start his saree business by pawning her gold necklace. Due to unavoidable situations, Ramaswamy marries two other women Jayasudha (Lavanya Reddy) & Sirdevi (Satvika Jay). Ramaswamy then faces many problems due to differences between his three wives and the debts left behind by his father.

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